Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Some Help Immediately...

I have written for over a year at the blog Marriage, Separation, and Divorce. I have alot of info there that relates to this whole topic of saving marriages. Browse around and see if you find something helpful.

If You Are Desperate to Save Your Marriage

If you are desperate to save your marriage, write a note here and I will humbly try to give you some hope and encouragement.

Purpose of Blog

The purpose of this blog is to give encouragement to those who are desperate to save their marriage. I was there once, and God's grace reconciled our marriage. I am not a professional counselor, I am just a traveler on this road of marriage who wants to comfort others with the comfort I have recieved from Christ. I hope to be one member in a person's support team to help them on their road to reconciliation. I am open to sharing with men or women.